About Us

About Us

Bring Back Compassion into the World

We are two wide-eyed beings of the universe, searching for who we are and what we can do to help other beings. We found our answer in Buddhism, and thus we started our journey on realizing the endless expression and learning of Dharma that we need to do.

People are suffering throughout the globe, succumbing to the pain that comes with every birth – ageing, sicknesses, and death. On top of that, karma has caused different people to suffer fates which most of society has turned a blind-eye to. Therefore, our quest is first and foremost, to be part of the movement to bring back compassion into the world.

People have become numb to themselves, conditioned by a society that perpetuates this numbness. What numbness?

  • A numbness to the body, such that people disregard what they take into their bodies and their health.
  • A numbness to the people around them, such that people do not treat people kindly and considerately, giving rise to conflicts an war.
  • A numbness to other beings, such that humans see themselves as superior to other species of the Earth, or even closer-to-home, seeing one race, ethnicity, religion, belief-system, perspective, genetics, etc as superior over others.
  • A numbness to the environment, such that they do not feel a thing when they contribute to the pollution and destroy the very homes that they live in.
  • A numbness to the heart, such that people over-value ‘intellect’ over the human quality of the heart.
  • A numbness to wisdom, such that people value living in blissful ignorance, instead of trying to become a better human being than they are capable of.
  • And so many other numbing things that has caused rifts, pain and suffering in the entire world.

There are more people waking up from this numbness, and activists around the world are finally standing up to what’s right, instead of what is safe and comfortable for the powers that control society like some money-minded corporations and governments.

As two people, we cannot do much. And that is why we started this blog. We wanted to share our inspirations with people, and yet show a perspective of putting Buddhism into real-life. Instead of retreating away from society, we want to show that Buddhism can be practiced and integrated into society to make it a better place for everyone.

Two Aspirants

Winston is a Dharma aspirant fascinated with the human body and even more so in the alleviation of suffering from the pain of sicknesses. He is currently studying a medical degree (MD) in Australia and has a huge passion for all forms of medicine including Aryuveda, Tibetan, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He wishes to be able to unify the various forms in a compassionate form, strives to become a more skillful and compassionate doctor in practice and wishes to be able to spread the message of Dharma to the rest of the world.

Sing is an open-heart liberal passionate about driving and contributing to changes in social inequalities and environmental injustices, aided by a local degree in developmental and environmental studies. She has a huge interest in herbal remedies like Aryuveda and activities that involve being close to nature like farming. Nothing warms her heart more than a congee bowl, except for joyful news of more compassionate equity in a better world.

Winston wishes to liberate the within, while Sing wishes to liberate the without – pushing our passions forward, we will attempt to contribute back to society and the world. This blog is an experimental blog to inspire people with the lessons that we’ve learnt, so that hopefully, more people will step up to the front and guide others out of numbness and ignorance.